We are carbon market experts and we are here to help companies to be successful in those markets. Our main business is…

…providing companies in Europe with an understanding of what drives carbon prices and how that affects their financial bottom-line. We are a carbon emissions advisory and risk management business. We provide:




We believe that well informed companies make better risk management decisions because they have the confidence to know what to do, when to do it and why. This gives companies we deal with more control over their EU-ETS compliance costs and ultimately saves them money.

Our multi-lingual team serves Europe from London, the global centre of carbon legal, financial and consulting expertise.

The management team at Redshaw Advisors have a strong track record pioneering carbon market development gained over many years involvement at every level of leading financial organisations.  Until now only the largest corporates had access to the experience and skills of the best investment banks. We are here to change all of that so that everyone, companies large and small, wherever they are, can take advantage of our collective decades of expertise, integrity and excellence in carbon markets.

Whatever your carbon market requirements, whether it is advice on where prices are headed, structured deals, financing, offsetting, price and allocation forecasts or hedging indirect carbon exposure, we’ve done it before. We can advise you on how to make the carbon markets work for you.

About us: take a look at our profiles to understand why Redshaw Advisors has a leading role helping companies large and small in today’s fast evolving and constantly changing carbon markets.

Our Partners

We partner with a select group of leading organisations in order to deliver a choice of exceptional, cost effective solutions to you. They help us deliver a service that is targeted to your needs, by bringing in specific, additional expertise to our services.


Our Founder

01_Louis Redshaw PictureLouis has been actively involved in the European carbon markets since before their inception in 2005. While Managing Director responsible for Environmental Markets at Barclays Capital he created the largest carbon business by volume, globally. Louis has been a true ‘first mover’ in the carbon markets driving forward innovative and ground breaking products. He created, and more importantly shared with the whole trading community, standardised trading documentation that allowed the secondary Certified Emissions Reduction (CER) market to start and later repeated the initiative in the US by standardising terms that led to the first trades in California Carbon Allowances (CCAs). Both standards were subsequently adopted by exchanges active in carbon trading.  Louis commissioned the creation of the Barclays Global Carbon Index that tracked global emission credit prices and its associated NYSE listed iPath Exchange Traded Note.  In 2009 he initiated a CER portfolio acquisition process that culminated in the purchase of Tricorona in 2010, a publicly listed company that was the 3rd largest CDM project developer at the time.  He has been a Director of the Climate Markets & Investors Association (CMIA), a Director of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) for 4 years and a Director of Tricorona.

Louis has a passion for emissions trading and actively promotes the efficiency of markets to deliver carbon emissions reductions. His mission is to help companies of all types to understand the increasingly complex world of carbon risk management and show them how they can manage those risks. He is regularly invited to give his views on this fast evolving business by presenting at conferences, writing articles and contributing to workshops. He has twice given evidence to the UK Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee as an expert in carbon trading.

Louis has fought hard to protect the integrity of the carbon markets – most notably with his stance on VAT fraud and carbon credit theft in 2009/10.  Here he personally assumed a leadership role in educating his financial peer companies and various authorities including the European Commission, UK Treasury, the FCA and HMRC, on the problems and the potential solutions.

Louis holds an MSc from Imperial College in Environmental Technology and Energy Policy.

In summary, Louis’ decade of experience gained at the leading edge of carbon risk management makes him, and Redshaw Advisors, your ideal carbon risk management partner.